Hi guys! My name is Arjay Villavicencio, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and I am living in the Philippines. I created this website to inspire (hopefully) people and give Free Online Computer Networking Fundamentals and CCNA Training Course.

Who should take this Free CCNA Online Course?

This is for people who are planning to take training or boot camp wanted to be advance on topics and for those already CCNA but want to refresh their knowledge about the technology.

Why I chose to be a Network Engineer?

I chose to be a Network Engineer because I LAB (LOVE) COMPUTER NETWORKS!

I’ve been into different jobs since I graduated from college. I used to be a Sales Clerk in a Hardware Store, Computer Technician, Web Master at UpWork and Web Publisher. Why am I keeps on changing career!? No, it is not like what you think, I am not saying that I can do it all. I am 2 year IT course graduate and the competition on IT field is pretty high. Only those BS Graduate or has experienced are having a high chance on getting the job. As a person who needs to earn for a living, I have no choice but to get any job that is available. Why did I not took a 4 year IT course? Money problems

How did I become a Network Engineer?

When I was working as a Web Publisher, I watched videos and read books about CCNA when there was a free time at work. I only use GNS3 and Packet Tracer for creating lab environment since I am short of money to buy real equipment. After one year of self studying I took the exam and passed it.

Thought that I got the Network Engineer job easily? NO! I had applied into different companies and got rejected. Most of the companies were looking for Network Engineer with atleast 1 year of experience in related field. So what I did is to keep on practicing while looking for a company that will hire me. After two months of applying I got hired at a Data Center. YIPPEEEE!!!

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