Hi! I am Arjay Villavicencio, from the Philippines, currently working as Network Operations Center Engineer. I am a 2 Year IT Course Graduate and had a lot of jobs that is not related to Computer Networking. I used to be a service crew at a fast-food, sales clerk at a hardware store, computer technician in an internet cafe, freelancer online and web publisher for a car store.

My Journey is Not Easy

As a 2 year course graduate I had hard time in getting an IT job because the competition is pretty high. Most companies are looking for 4 years course graduate or have working experience on the related field. As a person that needs to earn for a living, I looked for any jobs that is available.

Before learning Cisco I used to learn web programming/designing first such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. I tried to apply on companies that is related to web programming but I couldn’t land a job.

One day, I had a reunion with my classmates on college and learned that one of them is working as a Network Engineer in one of the biggest IT Company. I learned that Cisco is the required skill for that job and that interests me since I am also looking for a technical job. After that reunion I search the internet on where I can get trainings to learn Cisco and get certified. I found that the training costs 16,000 Pesos not including the almost 14,000 Pesos CCNA exam, that is 30,000 Pesos in total!

What I did instead was I downloaded CCNA eBooks and Video Tutorials, I used Packet Tracer and GNS3 for Switch and Router simulation because real devices are expensive. I study when there was free time at work or on my rest days. After almost a year of studying and saving for exam fee, I took the CCNA exam and passed it.

.I am already CCNA But…

I heard a lot of people saying that once you get certified, finding job will be easy. That’s absolutely not true! Being a CCNA doesn’t mean companies will look for you and will quickly tell you to sign the job contract. I took the CCNA exam because I want the companies at least noticed my resume and to be considered for the job. It is not the certification will land you the job but your skill as a CCNA.

I had my first interview but I failed because I am not yet technically knowledgeable for the job. Instead of being discouraged, I studied the interview questions where I failed to answer then I tried to apply again to another company where I got my first Network Engineer job.

I Created this Blog

I created this blog as my personal reviewer and to avoid forgetting what I don’t do at work. But internet is a public place so this blog is for all who wanted to learn Cisco Networking. This blog will not teach you on how to pass the CCNA exam but it will guide you to learn the computer networking fundamentals and it is also helpful if you are preparing for your job interview. This blog is not limited to Cisco but it also includes Juniper tutorials, many companies now are looking for Network Engineers that are knowledgeable on multiple vendors.